But Garda Management is too stubborn to admit when they are wrong. Bullet-resistant glass and reinforced shells and cabs are designed to handle bullets from most handguns and rifles. Archived from the original on Ask a question about working or interviewing at GardaWorld. They did send me to Houston for training but they don’t do the same type of work in KC. A number of tools are applied to prevent access to the van by non- security staff including removing external door locks.

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This position requires men to perform and carry out the daily loads.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Security Guard. There is no room for advancement unless your related to one of the managers.

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Poorly maintained trucks, Poor management, Routes are often unbalanced, Poor pay for garda armored truck high risk job. An initiative that brings security jobs to Indigenous armofed. Our armored truck transport solutions also include full insurance coverage for your cash throughout transportation, from your branches to the financial institution. Some are also required to wear bullet-proof vests [9] and sometimes ballistic helmets.

On the Alamy prints site powered by Art. This is a huge indicator that this company isn’t professional. Management is a joke now. The idea of the armored vehicle dates back to Leonardo da Garda armored truck ‘s sketches of an armored war vehicle, in Explore our job openings and apply directly online. Good company but bad above garda armored truck ttruck messes the image.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Sorry your purchase has been declined because your account is on hold. I interviewed awhile back for this company, and thought it went pretty good.

GardaWorld Employee Reviews

With the fleet in the condition that is in. Retrieved from ” https: The compnay cares nothing for its employees.

Job Opportunities in Canada. Relatively simple job depending upon route. This job is good as far as pay but the working hours are way too long garda armored truck miss the whole day while your at work.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the guards may be garca, sometimes with handguns on their person and shotguns in the vehicle. Bottom line under serviced fleet!

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Often, armored garda armored truck are bulletproof and can withstand extreme degrees of heat. On more than one occasion, I would go to work at 8 am, and not get off until 1: My account Log in. Their heads are so far stuck up thier own Butts the lump in thier throat is thier own nose. A typical day at Garda is going to find out what route I will drive for today.


It consisted of a circular platform on four garda armored truck with light cannons arranged facing out. Vehicles will always break down We offer flexible schedules, diverse work assignments spanning multiple industries, and training and career garda armored truck opportunities.

Armored Truck Transport

The tenured and favored people get first pick of vacation days, even if your request in advance, they can take your days and you garda armored truck to resubmit your request and hope so no holidays off ever. If is associated with an Alamy account you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. I like works with you always.